The Hungarian Grey Cattle Breeders Association has been wishing to support products made using the "Hungarian Grey Meat" by the Shield Pattern of the famous Wayfarer Bull Trophy.

The purpose of the system is to ensure the qualitative distinction between products produced by the use of meat from the Hungarian Grey Meat (OFJ) produced and marketed by breeders and / or their partners. The trademark guarantees to consumers and traders that the product they choose is indeed made of a variety of identical meat, since the "Original Hungarian Grey Cattle Product" may only be brought to a product that is proven to be of the species of the Hungarian Grey Cattle.

The use of the system of protection of origin is contractual and can only be used by a breeder or a partner who is a member of the Hungarian Grey Cattle Breeders' Association.

Individuals for which their breeder generates a certificate of identity, will automatically and irrevocably cut off in the association's herd book system. This is necessary for MSZTE to issue a certificate only once per week before the cut. The number of ENARs reported to the slaughterhouse with a "certificate of identity" at the same time will be included in the SMS-based control system operated by the Certification Corporation.

With this service, MSzTE allows any element of the trading chain (small and wholesaler, consumer) to easily check the origin of the product's raw material. SMS is a digital extract of the identity certificate!

The party to the contract attends "Original Hungarian Grey Cattle Meat" product, act in accordance with the MSzTE Certification Manual.

The Original Hungarian Grey Cattle product brand may only be used for products that have been produced from basic material of the "Hungarian Grey Meat".



SMS System

A trademark support service called an "SMS system" is used for all products in which a "Hungarian Grey Cattle Meat" material certified with a variety-identity certificate.

With the SMS system, consumers can check at any time, that the name used on the meat or on the product is legitimate and authentic.

The Hungarian Grey Cattle Breeders' Association issues in the case of products marketed with the name 'Hungarian Grey Cattle Meat' or 'Original Hungarian Grey Cattle Products', a Breeding Identity Certificate before the slaughter of the individual.

This certificate attests to the origin of the product in the trade. Because the certificate is physically incapable of tracking the product throughout the food chain and can be easily falsified, the Hungarian Grey Cattle Breeders' Association has issued an electronic excerpt of certificates to the consumers with an SMS based support system.
With the help of the ENAR (Unified Recording and Identification System) number on the product, both the existence of the certificate and the data recorded on the certificate in the database can be easily verified in a short time.

The 10-digit number sequence (ENAR number) on the product in the vicinity of the trademarks must be sent to the phone number + 36-30 / 469-14-25 by SMS, and information about the queried ENAR number will be sent back to the system within 20-25 seconds.

Information provided in an electronic extract (SMS).

The individual:

breed if the Hungarian grey cattle

Ivy (heifer, cow, bull (breeding bull), ox)

date of birth (date)

age (splitted into months)

last place of storage (breeder name).



Geographical Indicator (OJF, PGI)

The European Commission has registered the name "Hungarian Gray Meat" in the Register of Protected Designations of Origin and Geographical Indications. The Commission has more than 1000 registered names, of which about 120 are in the category of fresh meat.

With the entry of the "Hungarian Grey Cattle Meat" is officially included in premium meat such as United Kingdom Welsh Beef and Scotch Beef, French Maine-Anjou or French Génisse Fleur d'Aubrac.

The presence of the symbol makes it clear to all European consumers that, owing to the specific nature of the product, geographical origin can be judged significantly.

From the date of registration (9 December 2011), all labels placed on the market under the designation "Hungarian Grey Cattle Meat" shall show up the EU symbol containing the protected geographical indication in accordance with the description of the product.

The European Union established a system of recognition in 1992 for the preservation of the values ​​of agricultural products and foodstuffs with a protected geographical indication or designation of origin. The program aims to stimulate the diversification of agricultural production and the promotion of recognized products.

A tool to allow agricultural actors to increase their market value by protecting their products from identifiable geographic origin of Member States, thereby ensuring their survival and quality.
It is not easy to create a market for Hungarian grey cattle meat. It was indispensable to create the concept of distinctiveness, including controllability, and the Hungarian Grey Cattle Breeders' Association declared the "Hungarian Grey Cattle Meat" (OFJ) as protected from September 2013.

The "Hungarian Grey Cattle Meat" marked with the protected geographical indication - specifically written on our breed - with the involvement of the authorities, is able to protect Hungarian grey cattle better than anything else.

The most important task of the "Hungarian Grey Cattle Meat" (OFJ) is to distinguish the grey cattle on the market and lay the foundations for the premium character of the meat.

In order for a product to be called community protection, product manufacturers must produce a detailed product description. If the submitted documents confirm the product's entitlement to the protection, the Ministry of Agriculture (FM) will decide on the proposal of the Hungarian Defense Council, with the agreement of the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office, and will forward the request to the European Commission.

With the "Hungarian Grey Cattle Meat" designation the products must suit for the following conditions:

  • Registered holding / breeding place

Any breeder or holder who wishes to place a "Hungarian Grey Cattle Meat" product must obtain the official registration issued by Nébih (National Food Chain Safety Agency), after which the breed becomes entitled to the "Hungarian Grey Cattle Meat ".

Existence of proof of identity

The producer of the "Hungarian Grey Cattle Meat", in the case of all raised animals, must be able to prove, besides the keeping technology, that the breeders have the breed identity. You can do this with "Certificate of Breed Identity". The certificate is issued by the Hungarian Grey Cattle Breeding Association at the request of the breeder, which confirms the breed identity on the basis of authentic public records.

  • Compliance with Association Breeding Technology

The rules of keeping the "Hungarian Grey Cattle" are strict and rest on traditional grounds. "The Meat of the Hungarian Grey Cattle" becomes a speci al one in keeping with these standards, which can hold a high level of EU protection. The special taste and the extremely healthy raw material is ensured by the extensive keeping of the beef, and the compliance of this technology is controlled by the Hungarian Grey Cattle Breeders' Association.

  • Collecting control hair samples

We know about every kilogram of meat where it comes from. This is based on the unique designation and the hair pattern taken before cutting. This pattern ensures that the "Hungarian Grey Cattle Meat" path can be traced from the pasture to the table.

One of the advantages of registration is that it provides protection against naming because the registered name can not be used by another EU country. Another advantage lies in the use of the EU symbol. The Hungarian product can be identified and distinguished in the public sense.

The Hungarian Grey becomes Hungaricum  


On January 20, 2015, the Hungarian Gray Cattle Breeder Association submitted its proposal for the inclusion of the outstanding national value in the Collection of Hungaricums. The title of the proposal is "Hungarian Grey Cattle".

 April 24, 2015 Get into the Collection of Hungaricum: The Hungaricum Collection and the Hungaricum Depository increased again. The Hungaricum Collection was the best-known indigenous livestock, the Hungarian Grey Cattle meat.

 December 2, 2015:  Acceptance of recognition diploma and Hungaricum Prize

The National Values ​​of Hungarians were celebrated on 2 December 2015 at the Pest Vigadó II. Gála Hungarikum, where were awarded the hungarcum representatives for the second time. In the last two years, according to the decisions of the Hungaricum Committee, the number of Hungaricums has risen from 25 to 54. Representatives of the 29 new Hungaricums, including the Hungarian Grey Cattle Breeders Association, as part of the Gala Festival, were able to receive the recognition diplomas and the Hungaricum Prize during a solemn ceremony.