In the Hungarian grey cattle breeding, the extensive goulash keeping and hedging of the ethnographic and cultural heritage built on hundreds of years of tradition is combined with a certificate of origin that meets the expectations of the age. Cows under breeding falls one calve each year under extensive conditions; the calves are immediately suitable for the restraint. The animals separated to herds from the expedition to the recovery. Cattles can be kept in the open air during the winter season in accordance with centuries-old practices; the only important point is that the windshadow and the dry straw should be guarantee to them.The grazing time of the animals varies depending on the weather from mid-April to the end of November. In this case, the feed is basically determined by local vegetation, which means in the whole territory of Hungary, the extensive envolved flora. In the winter season, feed is based on high-quality meadow hay from grassland. In addition, GMO free corn stalk or beet pulp, fodder straw and alfalfa or grass silage, or silage, for small animals may be added.

Use of feed promoters for feeding animals is forbidden. The composition of extensively grass-roasted grass-combination and the traditional herding technology together contribute to the unique quality and taste of the "Hungarian Grey Cattle Meat"

Use of variety:

  • Gene store, Resistant to diseases
  • Maintenance of pasture and maintenance of a cultural landscape
  • Meat production with pure-bred stand
  • Meat production with livestock production crossing
  • Other Sales Opportunities (Bio Meat, Direct Sales, Goods Production)
  • Excellent breeding as a surrogate mother