Hungarian Grey Cattle Breeders’ Association

The Hungarian grey cattle population drastically decreased in the 1960s. For the sake of their salvation, the remaining shells of breeders, collected at the last minute, often doing breeding work against the then rules, saved the species from extinction. As a result of this professional consultation, since 1982, annual host meetings have been organized, and in 1991, when it was possible, the Hungarian Grey Cattle Breeders Association was founded as the first civil organization in Hungary. The association then started to grow rapidly, now it has a nationwide size of hundreds of active members.

The aim of the association is to breed, protect, distribute, present and develop valuable and useful properties of the Hungarian grey cattle breed according to the rules of preservation of gene reserves. The variety is considered a national value, whose pure maintenance is in the interest of the future.


Keeping a register of herd books

Gene Conservation

Protection of Interests

Consultancy, contact with farmers

Helping to market products

Meat authentication system (SMS)

Culture and Tradition Conservation

o Organization of Hungarian Grey Cattle Vigadalom

o Co-organization of a Gulyásrace